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Finally, an Affordable and Cheap Root Canal With a Fair Cost

Everyone dreads the words "root canal," but the Signature Wellness Plan can take a little of the sting out of the words because of the money you can save on this expensive procedure. Depending on the type of root canal you need, you could save $250 or more per treatment , so the savings really add up if your treatment plan calls for multiple root canals.

Bottom line, if you've been looking for a cheap root canal without having to give up on a quality dentist that cares, your luck is about to change. A dental savings plan with Signature can help you save money every trip to the dentist.

Root Canals are Expensive and Not Fun

No one wants to have a root canal extraction, but sometimes it's necessary. While they're not fun and it's tough to come up with a bright side to the situation, if you can save a little money, it makes it a little bit easier. You're still going to have to go through the root canal - we feel for you - but with the Signature Wellness Plan, it's not going to cost you as much money. With so many participating dentists, it's easy to find one no matter where you live.

The savings are so big in some cases, that many people wouldn't mind if they did have to drive a little further. With so many dentists who accept the Signature Wellness Plan membership card, however, it's easy to find something close - wherever you live. And the savings don't just apply to root canals. In fact, once you're a member you can save up to 30% on 170 different dental procedures. Once you're a member, you'll get a complete list of the savings you can get.

The Signature Wellness Plan, there are various levels of membership available. Some include savings on cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics including a root canal. Sign-up is easy and quick and can be done online. Within just a short period of time you will be able to start adding up the savings. If you're already convinced, you can sign-up for this dental savings plan right now and take advantage of our special TEN PERCENT OFF coupon. If you need more reasons to save money, keep reading.

Why Choose a Dental Savings Plan Instead of Dental Insurance

Even if the company you work for offers dental insurance, it can be quite costly month after month. A Signature Wellness Plan has one low yearly fee. After you pay, you can get orthodontic savings all year long. In addition, there are other hassles that usually come with dental insurance that you won't have to worry about. From monthly premiums to stacks of paperwork to long waiting periods for coverage to start, there are quite a few downsides that come with dental insurance.

The Signature Wellness Plan can help you avoid many of the hassles that come with insurance while still offering you quite a bit of savings at the same time. It is this powerful combination that has made this dental savings plan so popular all over the country. Dental insurance is okay, but if you want extra help with trips to the dentist, becoming a member of the Signature Wellness Plan makes a lot of sense. You can save money and avoid the hassles of dental insurance at the same time.

Root Canals With and Without Signature Wellness Plan

Typical Root Canal Procedure Costs without Signature Wellness Plan

Here's the Same Root Canal Procedures with the Signature Wellness Plan

Signature Wellness Plan Equals Savings

You don't need to get out your calculator (or try to find that function on your phone), because the savings are fairly obvious. And the above information is just for certain root canal procedures. The Signature Wellness Plan offers savings from 10% to 30% on over 170 common dental procedures.

Look, we know a root canal is no fun. If it has to be done, however, it has to be done. Why not save money before going down that path? The Signature Wellness Plan can be your pass to savings as you visit the dentist for a root canal or any of the other dental procedures covered by the dental savings plan.

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